A Walk-Through of What to Expect at Your First Massage

Worried about your first massage? This walk-through is designed to help you better understand what we do, and what you can expect from a massage at Life is Sweet.

*Please note before you arrive for your massage: You will be asked to reschedule if you currently have a fever, or skin irritations such as poison ivy, or severe sunburn.

 When You Arrive:

  • After you fill out your client intake form, your therapist will take you to the treatment room. You’ll be given the option to use the restroom, and grab a drink of water before you begin. Here, you’ll discuss what you’d like to accomplish during your massage, what kind of pressure will be used, and what to do if you’d like the pressure to be adjusted.

  • Next, your therapist will leave the treatment room to allow you to disrobe and get onto the table. You can disrobe to your comfort level- which may be completely, or partially clothed. It is up to you, and either is fine. Once disrobed, you’ll get onto the massage table, your therapist will have left instructions to lay either face-up or face down. Make sure you are underneath the top sheet and blanket before your massage therapist re-enters the treatment room.  Your massage therapist will give you a few minutes for this process, then knock on the door before entering the treatment room.

During Your Massage:

  • Once your therapist is back in the room and the massage begins, you may feel so relaxed that you just don’t feel like chatting, that is completely fine! On the other hand, you may feel like talking through your whole massage, and that’s fine too. This experience is all about you, so relax and talk-or not! We’ll follow your lead.

  • The technique massage therapists use to move the sheet/blanket to expose different parts of your body during massage is called Draping. Your massage therapist is trained to drape properly, to ensure your modesty is respected. Only parts of your body being massaged will undraped.

  • A variety of products may be used during your massage, such as oils, creams, and essential oils. Please be clear with your massage therapist about sensitive skin reactions or allergies you may have.
  • If at any time the massage feels uncomfortable, please let your therapist know. Your massage is all about you, so it will be customized to fit your needs. Any pressure, or technique can be adjusted at your request.

After Your Massage:

  • Once your massage is finished, your massage therapist will alert you, and exit the treatment room. At this time you will slowly sit up from the table, and then re-dress. Feeling like you just woke up from a nap is normal, in fact some people actually fall asleep during massage (which is fine! We take that as a compliment) Your therapist will be waiting outside of the treatment room when you’re ready to exit. Feel free to use the restroom or grab some more water after your session, or before you leave.

  • At this time we perform a post-massage briefing. This is where we let you know what was felt during your massage, and where you can ask any last minute questions about things you felt, or about massage therapy in general. You’ll also receive recommendations for massage/self care in the future.

  • The last step is to STAY RELAXED. Massage is a wonderful opportunity to feel the healing effects of touch, and relaxation.  Click here to read about the many benefits of massage.



Sometimes we take for granted the simple, sweet things in life. Let massage therapy be one of the sweet indulgences you get to experience!