Meet Our Massage Therapists


DSC_0029Sophie graduated in 2008 from the Massage Therapy Institute of Missouri, and has worked full time as a licensed massage therapist since then. She  is professionally licensed in the state of Missouri, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, and member of the American Massage and Bodywork Professionals.

Becoming the owner of Life is Sweet in July, 2013, Sophie fulfilled a longtime dream. Being an enthusiastic proponent of mindfulness and being in tune with your body, she teaches her clients to be present during their massage, and to ‘check in’ with their muscles to better understand their body.  She feels proud and honored to bring the gift of massage to her clients, and is committed to making your experience at Life is Sweet exceptional.

Sophie performs: Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology, trigger point therapy, hot stone, and aromatherapy. When necessary, she enjoys integrating various massage modalities to customize each session for her clients.

Encouraging her clients to be active participants in their healing process, Sophie brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. She believes that no two bodies are the same, and every body that comes to Life Is Sweet Massage will be given the individual care they need and deserve.




DSC_0024Taylor graduated from the Metro Business College Massage Therapy Program in March 2015, and immediately joined Life is Sweet Massage. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Her specialty massage techniques are Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stone, and prenatal massage.

Taylor’s caring and intuitive approach to massage helps her to better assist her clients in finding the best style of bodywork for them. She has a deep respect for massage therapy, and is enthusiastic about learning more, and being knowledgeable of the most current approaches to massage. Her eagerness to help her clients feel their best gives Taylor’s massages a one of a kind feel, leaving her clients with a deeply satisfying experience.




Ben graduated from the Columbia Area Career Center’s Massage Therapy Program in in 2015, and has loved practicing ever since. He is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Even as an infant, Ben regularly received massage from his parents which instilled in him the beauty and therapeutic benefits of massage at a very early age. Cherishing the ability to give and receive massage informally for friends and family, Ben decided to pursue the craft professionally. Massage modalities Ben performs include Swedish, Reflexology, and prenatal massage, however his forte is therapeutic deep tissue work. He enjoys incorporating different techniques into his work for clients’ needs day-to-day.

The human body is a complex machine and he believes that as such, it should be tended with a range of regular dedicated care and attention. Ben feels that care should extend beyond the sessions, so he enjoys keeping an open dialogue with clients to discuss ways in which they can implement healthy change in their daily life.